UP 2017-What went wrong

Electoral result for 2017 Uttar Pradesh assembly elections came as a shock rather surprise. Several logics are being peddled few of them- 

1- BJP win because of development agenda which got support from Muslim youths. 

2- BJP win because Muslim women voted them for their stand against Triple Talaq.

3- BJP win by tampering through EVMs.

3- BJP win because UP think that demonetisation was a big hit & got approval of citizens.

Mayawati fretted & Kejriwal fumed. And we all hopped up and down in cue.  

What can explain the BJP victory? I asked myself where else should I be looking. I looked at numbers; After all, numbers is the name of the game. Once I did that, I realized that in 290 constituencies, the combined votes of BSP, SP and INC were more than that of BJP. That was a decent majority. I took only these three parties into consideration because these were definitely votes against BJP. I didn’t even count RLD or the Independent candidates or parties like Nirbal Indian Shoshit Hamara Aam Dal which got maximum votes (66448) in Gyanpur and had massive chunk of votes in Malhani, Meja and Paniyara.Then I checked constituencies which had relevant Muslim presence. In most of the constituencies, it was the same story as above.
As usual opposition failed us, it couldn’t iron out their differences in time & couldn’t present a united alliance against the right-wing. Voters shouldn’t be blamed. They did their best. A majority did not vote for Modi. They voted against him. It’s just their bad luck that their votes got distributed.

Even thinking that Muslim women would have voted for BJP because they supported BJP’s stand on Triple Talaq is like insulting their intelligence. Between getting triple talaq banned (which hardly affects most of them directly) & living under constant fear of their family being lynched, who will choose the former? 

Assuming that Muslim men voted for BJP because they believe in Modi’s development plank is like saying they believed in fudged GDP numbers which they don’t even see in their real lives rather than the Akhlaqs & the Najeebs, right in their neighborhood. 

Then why is the media going to town, claiming this? First, they are working overtime to convince the world about Modi’s acceptability among the minority. Second, they are weakening the Secular voices which speak for the Muslims. I read so many otherwise-sane people sigh with disappointment that there was no point speaking for Muslims when they themselves voted for BJP. And thirdly, they want to influence the next elections.
Why political leaders from BJP are propounding this argument?

BJP because as long as the Opposition runs around like headless chicken, without solving the root cause, they can continue taking advantage of this loophole. 
What can possibly go wrong if we continue this narrative? BJP will allow the crescendo to build and in a state where they will lose, they can use this same stick to beat down the Opposition. More so, in 2019, when they will be reeling under anti-incumbency in most of the states, they can use this against the Opposition.

The Opposition must come together into a United front & stop splitting the Secular votes. Remember, the Right-wing has no other alternative but the Seculars are spoilt for choices. 
Why? Because Politics is a long run & there will be enough time to create space for your party. But the sole idea of a Secular India is in mortal danger. 

What will you gain, once that is destroyed? Yogi Adityanath should be a wake-up call.
Majority of UP did not vote for BJP & they definitely do not deserve Yogi Adityanath. Majority of Goa didn’t vote for BJP, Manipur didn’t vote for them & neither did Punjab. That is the truth. The sooner the Opposition accepts this fact & starts working together, the better would be the scenario for India.

Else India would suffer from damage beyond repair, its time to unite & show the world that India is not going to become another Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Afghanistan, Iraq or Pakistan. 

A land of diversity will be ruled by a diverse leader elected by majority (peace & humanity loving humans) not minority (communal & racist bigots).

Many Many Returns of The Day

My dear Wifey, you know I always wish you the best of what the world has to offer & on this special day it is no different, Happy Birthday & yours forever. 

Indeed I am a lucky man to spend another year with you & celebrate this birthday. You’ve given me the gift of your heart & on this birthday I would like to remind you that you’ve my heart & all that I can possibly give. In quiet times, in funny times, in hard times, in cuddle times & in all times I cherish you.

Birthdays come & go. But our love & respect for each other will always be rock solid. None of the forces of universe can change it. We will always be there for each other this day & everyday to come. I am truly blessed to have a person like you in my life. Happy Birthday to my love. What truly surprises me the power I get thinking to know that you are always there for me present for me. It’s funny that it is you birthday and I’m talking of thyself. The reason is that I feel blessed and to me you are the best gift I posses. The distance was and shall never be an issue I guess. Hence, it was always easy and comforting to bridge up my thoughts and other long talks with you. 

My life is happier because of you. 

My heart is fuller because of you. 

My soul feels wholesome because of you.

I’m a better person because of you.

I’m blessed to have you in my life.

Hopefully we get more such wonderful memories to cheer on, cherish & celebrate. May all your desires & dreams come true & putting you to see & enjoy the joyous future. 

Although I am blinded by your love, it has opened my eyes to a better future. Happy birthday dear. I amassed a massive debt on the day I got married to you – the debt of unconditional love and undying commitment. I promise to keep repaying this debt until my very last breath. I love you, happy birthday.

Modi-Demonetisation And 2017

The new year started with a good rhetorical speech by none other than Narendra Modi. He made a New Year’s Eve speech to try to regain control of the drifting narrative around demonetisation.

But people listened more critically this time. He must’ve apologised and lots of people would have forgiven him by giving him points for trying. But he think that apology is an irrevocable declaration of weakness. He’s going to keep trying to spin his way through this, demonetisation, or avoid a topic that’s not going away like the Tehelka sting or the Mansi Soni snooping scandal. As a result he’ll get stuck in a web of his own construction this year.

Our PM speech appeared irrelevant to the occasion as the urgent issues of public concern were not addressed by him and it looks he was targetting those audiences who are already convinced with the scheme. That lot is considerable in number no doubt. But there is remaining huge population facing difficulties and not convinced with the scheme and was looking for road map from the PM. They also deserve to get assurance from their PM. There were extremely unfortunate who lost their life, daily workers lost their livelihood, farmers who lost their this season produce, his speech should have been direct on such issues. Further, people were looking for schedule for bank withdrawal to become normal, some were expecting to listen to RBI data of how much cash is received in banks and how much is remaining, how much BM is discovered etc. etc. But all these important issues remained unanswered.Considering that the scheme of DM was directly rather solely controlled by the PM then all the more he should have been more clear and upfront.

PM stated that because of hugh cash currency in the market there was high price of commodities, this statement now with total money in banks called for giving the promise to people of lowering petrol/diesel/gas/food products but there was nothing of this sought. In reality, price of vegetable came down in mandies only, prices of the everything & everywhere went up. So the losers are farmers and end users.

With total cash coming to banks according to PM’s expectations we must get cheaper & good education for all children, cheaper & high quality of medical services to all, cheaper rail and roadways travel, cheaper & efficient government provided services with out hassle and without corruption. If in near future all this doesn’t happen then the government should accept failure and take corrective measures.

When you put lipstick on a pig, people don’t start French kissing it.They start giving you weird looks.

ISIS is not ISLAMIC: Don’t Compare it with Islam

I’m sick & tired of people discriminating against me, against us, against a whole religion with 1 billion of participants because of a small group of people. Yes, a small group of people when will you guys realise that ISIS & all other terrorist organisation standing together isn’t even 4% of the Muslims & if you’re counting ISIS then it’s not even 2% & that’s if your counting 60% of ISIS crew members were originally from Europe & USA were fetched online. When will people wake up & realise that terrorism has no religion. Over the course of ten years there have been more shootings by white people in America than by Muslims. The fact is that the media is biased & as we grew up we were all told this, so why now do you believe the bias & dramatisation? You fail to recognise the history, the Christian crusaders were the worst group of people but no one cares about them. A Christian shouldn’t be held responsible for the acts of Christian crusaders, this is how it should be. An atheist is not associated with that guy who killed three Muslims for no reason. Zionism is the cause of poverty to many families, the cause of death to several babies & children. Zionism is occupation & terrorism but no one talks about that. But we as Muslims still respect Jews. Even the Jew is not associated with Zionism. Turkey a majority Muslim country attacked by ISIS. How about the bombing in Saudi in a mosque? Where is the snapchat filter for this, the hashtag so widely & publicly supported by celebrities? Why do we not acknowledge the occupation of Syria & Iraq by ISIS?? Why isn’t there a snapchat live story about that? Why aren’t they talked about & reported for weeks? 

Why was the attack on Lebanon muted that too a day before Paris attack? Where is the public outrage where is the public support? Why Brussels, why Paris, why not us why not all?? Are you aware that mosques, supposedly the holy Islamic centre, are being bombed? If ISIS was Islam why would they be doing this?? If ISIS was Islam then why did a journalist who was locked up reported that they didn’t even mention the Quran?? I mean do you just close your eyes to these instances so that you can have someone to blame on?? I am confused, I don’t get it, really confused. I don’t deserve this, we don’t deserve this. 

Love Of My Life

I had a long day yesterday. A lot of work, bad traffic and crowds of people everywhere. I was really exhausted by the time I reached the hotel. I sat down on the bed & wanted to turn on the TV to kill some more time before sleeping, but my mind started wandering. 

Then everything just focused clearly. You appeared in front of me. Your angelic presence instantly calmed me down, my tiredness evaporated & my spirits soared turning glum into bliss. Yes, my darling, you do have that wonderful effect on me.

I remembered our first date when everything started. Like a burst of sunshine upon a desolate landscape, like the torrential rain in the dessert, like the first light after months of darkness, that date changed me forever. For better, for much better. It was love at first date. I couldn’t think of anything more important than to see you again, to be with you again. Your soft, sweet voice singing to me gently; your radiant smile warming my heart; your exquisite presence mesmerizing me completely.

I also remembered the day we got married. It was pure splendor, elation and happiness. I recalled every single detail of that day as if I was reliving it all over again. How truly blessed I am to have you walk the roads of life with me! I could not imagine my life without you because you mean everything to me. My love for you keeps on going as strong as ever & I know that I will always love you until the day I depart this world.

I turned around to kiss you, only to find an empty pillow there. That’s when I realized that I fell asleep & kept thinking, dreaming about you. I smiled. Soon we will be together again.

I Love You So Much 

How to Rebuild Relationship

There is a long list of things that needs.to be avoided when you’re in a relationship & the kinds of people you should never date or see. But what about when breaking up isn’t the best option? What to do when you’re in love & relationship has hit a new low? How to rebuild a relationship??

There is no such thing as a relationship that never hits a rough patch — whether it’s a suddenly waning routine life, boredom, infidelity, or the buildup of little problems over time. Rough patches suck, but they are also signs of a mature, complex relationship. In fact, never hitting rough patches may be a sign that you are simply going through the motions of a relationship & never delving into the serious foundations of a partnership. People often say that the moment they stop fighting with their partner is the moment they realize that they don’t care about the relationship anymore. 

The most common causes of rough patches are a lack of communication, a lack of affection, and spitefulness. Lack of affection signifies emotionally removing oneself from a relationship.

You need to ask two questions:- 1) Is this relationship worth saving? 2) Do you believe you deserve better?

Easy & simple steps to rebuild the relationship:- 1) Create space after an argument. 2) Arguing can be healthy. 3) Sometimes breaks really work. 4) Vacations are helpful if you bring back the changes. 5) Break your routines 6) Look for each other, flirt with each other 7) Do remember to take care of yourself 

My heart is full of so many things to say to you – ah – there are moments when I feel that speech amounts to nothing at all –Cheer up – remain my true, my only treasure, my all as I am yours.

Monument of UPA Failure or Pampered NDA Scheme?

Mirror, mirror on the wall,
What would happen if I let you fall?You’d shatter to bit with a clang and a crash,Your glass would be splintered–swept out with the trash,Your frame would be bent, lying here on the floor–

In politics just one slap on the face of the haughty leaders makes the rulers wise. This is how a deadly Bihari blow to the NDA led by BJP the November 2015 Assembly elections turned Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s dreams into a nightmare. 

The NDA’s agony is mirrored through the Budget-2016 presented by suave Arun Jaitley. The nightmare has made the Team Modi to see mirrors everywhere and focus on rural India including Uttar Pradesh, the electorally mega state, which would go to the polls early 2017. 

UP under Akhilesh Yadav is a big challenge to NDA specially Modi and Party Chief Amit Shah to conquer the state. UP apart four other states including Mamta Banerjee ruled West Bengal are readying to challenge the NDA. Bengal is equally difficult to win. 

This is the reason the NDA leaders are looking at the mirrors on the wall to find out “who is the fairest of them all”. In panic the NDA clearly ate its own words …The MANREGA “is the living monument of Congress failure” and raised the allocation from Rs 34,699 crores to Rs 38,500 crores. Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi teased Team Modi saying his [Modi’s] government’s praise of MGNREGA is a “shining example” of his “political wisdom”. 

Arun Jaitley has tried to fix “rural distress”. 

The Fin Min presented lofty promises to turn Rural India into prosperous zone within the country. The promises include Rs 15,000 crore to bail out farmers trapped by debt. There is incentive for pulse production and procurement. Rs 2.78 lakh crore has been allocated for gram panchayats and municipal corporations with a view to granting them financial autonomy. 

Analysts pointed out similarly there would be an attempt to create 300-odd Rurban (rural-urban) centres across the country to win over the neo-middle class, a section that lent its full weight to Modi, propping him up as the most powerful leader of the country. 

Jaitley declared that as on 23 February, 5,542 of 18,500 villages mostly in UP and Bihar have been electrified.

Politics dots the budget too as government’s taking a leaf of the Samajwadi government’s hijacked socialist agenda, which comes at a time when a famine is lurking in everywhere – from Delhi’s backyard to Bundelkhand. Hundreds of people in the benighted region are reported to have perished because of non-availability of food-grains and basic facilities. 

Reports say in West and East UP payment of sugarcane prices is still a burning issue. , the region is apparently in tumult and turning against the BJP. Clearly the budget highlights the political priorities.

So the government is trying to see its face in the mirrors on the wall. 

Nomenclature And India

Given the source of Gurgaon’s new name, one is forced to ask – can respect for Ambedkar and the Constitution co-exist with the veneration of the casteist Dronacharya as the ideal guru?

The ‘idea’ of India has become a favoured topic in these days of avid contestation over ‘nationalism’ and ‘identity,’ with overwhelming majoritarianism being projected as the only ‘real’ basis of national unity. How complex the idea of India really is and how many hues, aspects and conflicting points of view and perspectives this idea encompasses has been illuminated once again in the course of the debate over the renaming of two districts in Haryana.

The pracharak Chief Minister of Haryana, Manohar Lal Khattar, is a strong upholder of the school of historiography, which makes many wondrous claims about the veracity of the Mahabharata and the existence of the River Saraswati, as he has every right to be. When he makes this understanding the guiding force behind policies that his government imposes on Haryana and its citizens, however, problems arise and debates ensue.

On the eve of Ambedkar Jayanti, Khattar announced that he had decided to rename Gurgaon as ‘Gurugram’ and Mewat as ‘Nuh’. The announcement concerning Gurgaon was received with much ridicule, humour and sarcasm while the Mewat name-change was not considered worthy of much comment or criticism. Political supporters of the pracharak chief minister were quick with their own response and said the names of many cities had been changed, which had not been subjected to the scathing criticism that Gurgaon/Gurugram was receiving. They also welcomed the renaming of Mewat as part of Hindu assertion.

It is true that many cities have been renamed. This has usually been done when a demand for this renaming was raised by citizens of the states to which these cities belong. Often, the renaming has been a return to the original names that had proved too much of a tongue-twister for our colonial masters. For instance, Tiruvananathapuram (Trivandrum) or Kozhikode (Calicut).

Since, as far as one knows, there was no demand from any corner to rename Gurgaon and Mewat, why was this done? As far as the re-naming of Gurgaon is concerned, the Khattar has been loquacious. According to him, Gurugram was a tribute to Guru Dronacharya of the Mahabharata, who was born there. He did not say anything to justify his decision to rename Mewat as Nuh. Perhaps, he thought it was self-evident.

The responses to the renaming of Gurgaon that have appeared in newspapers and the social media have, on the one hand, been hilarious and full of a contempt for what is seen as an attempt to turn the clock back and exchange the identity of a symbol of the globalising India of the 21st century for a primitive and, possibly, regressive one. The other very visible and audible response has been from those who share the pracharak chief minister’s worldview and laud the change as one more example of the efforts being made by those of their ilk to restore India to its ancient glory.

There is also a third response that is barely visible or audible. It represents the outrage and despair of millions who have been unheard and unseen for centuries. For them and also for many others, the renaming of Gurgaon in homage to Dronacharya on the eve of Ambedkar Jayanti is an affront, an insult and an unforgivable display of caste arrogance. Not only was the Dronacharya depicted in Mahabharat responsible for demanding that the tribal Eklavya sacrifice his thumb as guru dakshina so that his Kshatriya student Arjun’s prowess as an archer remain unchallenged, but he was also responsible for preventing Arjun from accepting Karna’s challenge during a tournament of warlike skills. He said that since Karna was a shudra charioteer, he was not worthy of matching skills with a blue-blooded Kshatriya prince. This incident was a defining moment of the Mahabharata. It made Karna a staunch ally of Duryodhana; it gave Duryodhana the confidence to declare war against the Pandavas, a war both fratricidal and bloody.

As his 125th birth anniversary first approached and then dawned, adulation of B.R. Ambedkar and the Constitution he authored developed into a crescendo. Our pracharak prime minister went all the way to Mhow, Ambedkar’s birthplace, to pay homage. However, an important question to ask in the midst of the pomp and circumstance the anniversary is surrounded with is, can respect for Ambedkar and the Constitution to co-exist with veneration of the casteist Dronacharya as the ideal guru? Millions who will not remain unseen and unheard for long are certainly coming to their own logical conclusions.

Of Mewat and Nuh, we can arrive at the same conclusion as those supporting this name-change.

Love of My Life

I had walked through life with nothing to look forward untill I met you. There was never any pleasure & then Almighty sent you to me, you’re so beautiful & lovely that I can’t explain in words. You’re my wife, my love, my life & my treasure. You’re like a gift from God, a gift so fine that you can never be measured & I love you in ways which can’t be explained.

The day you came in my life will be cherished always, You’re like an angel sent from heaven above for my lonely heart; My heart is no longer lonely, but instead it is filled with the wonder of a love like I’ve never known. 

It was magical, when you first held me, A touch no other but my soulmate could provide. 

Truly the passion needed no words. Your kiss on my lips is something I long for each day. With a single kiss the intensity of your love so incredibly clear! Your eyes melt me with emotion so intense it is beyond belief. A caring & unconditional love that shines from them that makes me shiver with excitement for our life to come. 

A love so fine, so sweet, so kind, it’s for you, my love, my wife, my treasure.
I promise to hug & kiss & hold you each day.I promise a love with devotion that will never ever fade away. I promise & swear to Almighty above to show you nothing but my pure love; I will admire the blessing of your boundless love, because I know that you are a true gift from Heaven above.

You are the sunshine in my morning, and like a the bird I will sing you a song.

I know that in this life when I am troubled, through God it’s you who keeps me strong.
I will not hurt you with my frustrations.I will hold you close & kiss you with loving admiration. I will always appreciate your commitment to me, Give me a chance, for can’t you see?

It is true love that I swear is committed to stay.

I will,

Love you endlessly

Devote my life to making you happy

Admire you each day for the person you are

Take interest in the things that you like to do

Admire your beauty daily in awe & reflect it back to you

Be attentive to you & your needs

Be forgiving

Listen to you with never a harsh word in return.

Show you by my actions that I love you

Rub you, kiss you, bathe you, lift you up or whatever it takes when you are feeling down. 
I will kiss you and love you all that I possibly can, 
And don’t be embarrassed to be seen holding my hand. 

I will treasure each day as if it were our last, 
And at the end of your life you won’t regret me being your past. 

My truest friend of all, my heart, my soul, my wife.

I love you very much; you are all that is good in this world.

Secularism- A Different Perspective

Secularism is not like some balancing act in a circus. Secularism is not going to a mosque in the morning, a temple in day time, a church in the evening ; neither it’s marrying off all your progeny to persons belonging to different socio cultural roots or having niche in other religions. 

Secularism is a state of mind wherein you treat all the people in your public life on equal footing irrespective of their religion, caste, color, creed, gender, and region or even looks; when you deal with the people according to the law of land irrespective of your personal or religious beliefs.

 And when someone can emulate these principles of public life into personal life too, that would only be ideal. I can be a devout Muslim, yet a staunch secularist; likewise you can be an orthodox purist Hindu, yet you might be a champion of secularism. Fact remains the cardinal principle of secularism is sense of justice.

Respecting other religions is fine but respecting others’ right to practice their religion is more important.